WayneMallows2013-a-webWayne Mallows Books 2016Hello my friends and welcome to my little dark corner of the web.

If this is your first visit here, I encourage you to take a few minutes and have a look around. There are a number of interesting pages that may tickle your fancy, some of which contain photos while others hold the first chapters of books I, II, & III, “Whitechapel Road; A Vampyre Tale and Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, and Unnatural Selection, book III in the series. 

Book IIII, Dark Origins, is underway and progressing nicely. I'm certain it will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

We here at "Vampyre Tale Creations" (LOL!) are gearing up to try and pull together something I have wanted to do for quite a few years now, and that is create the trailer for Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Book II in The Vampyre Tales. I have two locations selected, the young lady who it to be the star has agreed to do the shoot and the videoogapher has also agreed to try and sort out the simple yet challenging shoot. At the moment we're looking at late January or early February to make this all happen. I am so freaking excited right now!!!

During this project we will also be discussing the trailer for Book III of the Vampyre Tales, Unnatural Selection. We have already been casually talking about what I would like to see as the finished product and although relatively easy to do, getting some of the props and costumes for this endeavor will be the biggest challenge in creating this trailer.

Book III in the series, “Unnatural Selection” is released in limited edition print only available from me directly. You can order it by messaging me directly and we can make arrangements. Unnatural Selection will take you and some of the beloved characters back into the battle fields of WWI France. There amidst the horrors of war they are forced to come to terms with issues that can pull at the moral fabric of our society and, a different sort of horror that, if left unchecked, can often haunt an individual for a lifetime. 

And what of these mythical beings we all think we know... Do we really know anything about them at all, or is what we look upon as knowledge, merely a collection of disjointed stories based on little more than superstition and loose speculation? Do they live forever as the legends say? Do they love? Is the word vampire even correct? Unnatural Selection will take you on a winding road back in time and as you turn the pages, you will begin to see that perhaps, everything we have come to know is not quite as it would appear to be.

You can read Chapter 1 here now. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again for popping in. Please take your time and browse around. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your time here.  Wayne ^v^

* If you have any questions regarding the books, simply email me, catch me on, Facebook or Twitter and I will do my utmost to get back to you in a timely manner. 

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"An exceptionally original novel! Wonderfully set and well researched. I am privileged to have been introduced to one of the most diabolical and truly evil vampires ever created!" Michelle Lee

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