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Bitten by Books Review by Aymee July 15, 2011

While waiting to meet his future wife-to-be, Aremis is violently attacked and left for dead. As he’s nursed back to health by the village’s doctor and his sister’s tender attention, the truth of the attack begins to unfold in horrifying detail. Temperance, his sister, sends him to London in the hopes of finding a cure, or at least more information on his condition, but what he finds in the big city is nothing like what he

sought. There, in the heart of London, he finds the one who was responsible for his change, and quite possibly the only one able to answer his questions. Drawn into a violent and dangerous game of cat and mouse, Aremis’s faith and moral character are put to the test.


WellandTribune-wNiagara Falls' Wayne Mallows is equal parts explorer and performer

By Angela Scappatura, The Standard
Friday, October 28, 2011 12:00 AM EDT

Wayne Mallows has learned to tune out the sound of doors opening and closing on the main floor of his home.

They do it on their own, and have since Mallows and his common-law wife, Stefanie, bought the 140-year-old house in Niagara Falls three years ago.

The spirits inside aren't dangerous, he says, and at least one of them is a lot happier since the family moved in.


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